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1. Can you give us an overview of your company's journey, including its inception, core

values, and how it has evolved over time?

From day one, we were an esports dedicated company. In our eyes, from a purely business perspective, it was a market that is destined to grow, but much more than that: a cultural phenomenon, a super fun and engaging activity to participate in and to watch, a future addition to the top 10 not only of most popular sports, but most popular entertainment activities. Therefore, we have built our own esports-centric infrastructure, mathematical models are tailor-made for esports titles, and our trading team has the right esports expertise.

Esports is the base, and from there, we venture into other industries, betting being one of them. We founded the company in 2018, and we expanded very quickly in terms of team size, operational size, and geographical market locations. Within a couple of years, we became a one-stop-shop in B2B esports betting services, offering odds feed, risk management, and iFrame solutions.

We deliver the most engaging esports live betting experience in titles such as Counter-Strike, League of Legends, Dota 2, Valorant. Our overall mission is to help the esports ecosystem thrive with improved monetization.

Our key values come from the Nordic mythology that is a base of our branding. We are a nimble team spread geographically but connected by trust, transparency, determination. Another value is being grounded, staying down to Earth.. All are equal on the drakkar. To our clients, we offer flexibility, reliability and again, transparency.

2. As an early-stage company, what are some of the key milestones you have achieved?

Internally and externally, we've expanded through team growth, expertise acquisition, product development, and client acquisition. Starting small, we';ve grown steadily, reaching a 100-members team and opening an office in LATAM are two big internal milestones.

From the product view, our iFrame product jumpstarts companies into esports, while our risk management tools underline our commitment to integrity. In partnerships, collaborating with over 250 brands, earning their trust, is outstanding for us, but what we value even more is our zero customer churn record that speaks to our service quality and strong bonds.

3. What are some of the significant challenges your company faced during its growth, and

how did you overcome them?

The Covid impact was vast on us, but at the same time, we learned a lot, and in the after-pandemics year, we have boosted our growth. As all startups, it's a challenge to balance things right. Scaling 5x from year to year has a major impact on the team size, structure, and leadership requirement. We became a fully remote company, which has less to do with Covid and more with the fact that we truly globally connect talents. Building additional verticals outside of the main business - marketing and media competence, affiliate services and others, were both a challenge and a rewarding experience.

4. In what ways has Velo Partners actively supported and championed your company's

growth and achievements?

When our company was standing at the crossroads of growth, we sought out expert strategic advice. Not only did Velo Partner equip us with the insights to confidently speak to our investors, but they also shared industry best practices that were of a major help.

They presented us with a refreshing perspective on our business, challenging us to think outside the box. With their guidance, we formalized many of our processes, making our operations smoother and more efficient. They even provided invaluable support in our expansion to India and generously introduced us to their network of invested companies.

Partnership with the Velo team was truly transformative for our business.

5. Can you describe a specific instance where your company's innovative approach or

unique value proposition helped you stand out in a competitive market?

Our average margin (6-7%) is high above industry average for esports (2-3%). I believe that this the most

important metric for bookmakers and it speaks for itself. Another good example of robustness of our platform and unique features it offers is a complex risk management solution to crypto bookmakers, addressing the specific context of crypto currencies, with no negative impact on the bettors while keeping a high, stable margin for our clients.

6. What have been some of the key lessons your company learned from setbacks or failures, and how did you use these experiences to pivot and grow stronger?

In our journey, we've learned the importance of not taking shortcuts. Doing things the right way is our motto, because we've found that clients truly value integrity and thoroughness. Persistence has always been our guiding star; even when faced with challenges, we push forward, embracing the Czech ethos of Viking bravery that we base our branding on. And remember, a "no" isn’t always set in stone. Flexibility is vital, but one thing we never waver on is our honesty. Honesty builds trust.

7. What future goals and aspirations does your company have?

Our vision is a haven where bookmakers can find everything they need related to esports - from traffic and data to visualizations and odds. That's us, your one-stop-shop. As a global player, we have our fingers on the pulse of the esports universe. We prioritize integrity in collaboration with teams, tournaments, and publishers.

We're not just stopping there, we're making waves in the US, backed with the necessary licenses. Because at the heart of our operation is esports bettor engagement.

We're here to elevate the experience for every stakeholder involved.

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