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1. Can you give us an overview of your company's journey, including its inception, core values, and how it has evolved over time?

We founded Bettormetrics to deliver next generation sports trading analytics to the sports betting industry, with the ambition to be the defacto standard analytics as a service provider to the industry by 2025.

We started building our foundational technology in 2018, and our Trading Analytics Platform has been providing world class analytics to our B2B customers since 2021.

Our core values of accuracy, innovation, and trustworthiness have been the driving force since day one. Over time, we've evolved from a promising startup into a respected industry leader, catering to some of the largest bookmakers, operators, and data providers in the sports betting sphere.

2. As an early-stage company, what are some of the key milestones you have achieved?

We secured our first major client, a UK tier 1 bookmaker in 2021, and the following year started working with top tier US operators, becoming an approved New Jersey vendor in the process.

We started a major collaboration with one of the industry’s largest data providers in 2023, before being nominated in the Rising Star in Sport Betting Innovation category at the SBC Awards at SBC Barcelona.

3. What are some of the significant challenges your company faced during its growth, and how did you overcome them?

Our growth journey has been really challenging. We are building non-trivial technology and the upfront investment in IP required support and confidence from Velo Partners.

Building a fully remote team (pre pandemic) of exceptional people and maintaining the culture as we expanded required a progressive culture and high levels of trust.

Customer appetite for additional capabilities has kept us extremely busy through 2023, but we are starting to see a path to scale, and we are excited by the size of the opportunity.

4. In what ways has Velo Partners actively supported and championed your company's growth and achievements?

Velo Partners has been unwavering in their support for our ambition and vision for analytics within the sports betting industry. Their financial backing, strategic counsel, and expansive industry network have accelerated our progress and given us the time we needed to iterate towards the right product and technology.

We feel incredibly well supported, and we are fully aligned with Velo regarding the opportunity and growth strategy for the business going forward.

5. Can you describe a specific instance where your company's innovative approach or unique value proposition helped you stand out in a competitive market?

We released our Lines Analysis Suite early this year which particularly helps the burgeoning US market to identify gaps in their trading performance for the big four American sports, which all sport a 6 pack of betting opportunities as the primary wager vector.

We’ve had delighted responses from our US (and international) customers with acknowledgements that this kind of analysis was near impossible before to perform, and that the value of tightening up these errors can, for large operators, affect a significant piece of their overall hold.

6. What have been some of the key lessons your company learned from setbacks or failures, and how did you use these experiences to pivot and grow stronger?

Setbacks have been instrumental in our growth. A pivotal lesson early on was the need to accept failure, and then pivot, and then to have conviction in a refined strategy.

It’s important to listen and adjust to advice, but not to be led by it. We are confident in our strategy, and we have now proven the demand for our product and services.

This strategic shift ultimately fortified our business model.

7. What future goals and aspirations does your company have?

Looking forward, our aspirations are ambitious. We want to be the dominant, defacto standard provider of Analytics as a Service to the Sports Betting industry. We envision becoming the preferred partner for sportsbook operators worldwide, expanding our global footprint. We're committed to continually enhancing our analytics capabilities, incorporating cutting-edge AI and machine learning for even more precise predictions.

We have new products on the drawing board that leverage our existing technology and significantly increase our value and reach.

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